Sunday, 24 June 2012

My First Sewing Bag

Finally, I can make my first sewing fabric bag. You know, I am really happy I can made it :p
For amateur like me, when craft project has been finished and the result was so good, the feeling is unspeakable. Very very happy and satisfied with our creation. 

Firstly, I was ever feel doubt that I can finish it, based on past experience most of my craft project is stopped in the middle of work just because I get bored. But when I sew this bag, I only think to finish it well and as soon as possible just because I want to know how it look after finish and wanna use it as my daily bag, LOL.

I got the pattern from here. Try to made some adjustment due to my own creation in here and there. And of course adjust with my sewing competency that is still in low end line, LOL. For the exterior fabric I only use full cotton. Look the fabric design, I love the design. So beautiful flower blooming everywhere. The fabric was designed by Vera Bradley. And for the lining I use Bradley's fabric too, but sorry no picture here, I forget to take the picture :p Inside I also made 3 pockets and only use magnetic snap in this bag. So simple but really love it. 

It is dummy version. Temporary not for sell :p

Practice Make Perfect

I have been learnt English since I was in elementary school. Until now, I still using English only in some condition, not in my daily life. I just use it when I have to read some medical journal, text book or      read article when I browse in the internet. And some of my books is in English too. But you know, I only can use it passively. 

That's why I committed to use English when I post in this crafty blog and in my foodie blog.
My English is not too good, my TOEFL score only in average range, between 500 to 550.
So I think by force myself to write in English I can get more practice and of course my English could be better and always better than before.

Sorry if when you read this blog, you find some or maybe many mistake, LOL.
Hopefully by sharing my crafty work in here, it could inspire you ^_^

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Samsung Tab Sleeve Cover

Here it is my Samsung Tab Sleeve Cover...

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My White Princess

Alhamdulillah, finally I have my own sewing machine. Actually I had been dreamed to have it since several months ago. But you know, when I propose to buy it to my husband, he still refused my plan. Because at that time he thinks that I still can't sew and it would be a wasting to have the new one. He said that I must learn to sew first with my grandmother's old sewing machine (The Butterfly one). Sad? Of course!! But i can't do anything, I just realize new sewing machine will take so much money.

So, after saving my money for 6 months (long time to saved, LOL). Then here it's my lovely white princess, my BROTHER BM-2600 

Friday, 27 August 2010

Mini Dress Keychain

I got the idea to make this mini dress key chain when one of my friend in Dinamic Crochet group post her ownmade. I crocheted this as Eid Fitri's gift for my young cousin and niece. Of course I will only give to the girls who love this girly things. So sorry for the boys, LOL...

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Blue Montana Scarf

Finally, I can make something from knit. Here is my first useful knitting project. Of course beside those squares that I made as assignment for my knitting online class with sensei Lenny. At that time, I only could make square from garter stitch, stockinette, and basket-weave stitch, LOL.

But now is so different.......