Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My White Princess

Alhamdulillah, finally I have my own sewing machine. Actually I had been dreamed to have it since several months ago. But you know, when I propose to buy it to my husband, he still refused my plan. Because at that time he thinks that I still can't sew and it would be a wasting to have the new one. He said that I must learn to sew first with my grandmother's old sewing machine (The Butterfly one). Sad? Of course!! But i can't do anything, I just realize new sewing machine will take so much money.

So, after saving my money for 6 months (long time to saved, LOL). Then here it's my lovely white princess, my BROTHER BM-2600 

You  know, choose the right sewing machine for me is something that make my head so confused. Before buy it, I tried to browse many review, even made my own list of wannabe-sewing machine in excel complete from the brand, the type, the specifications, and of course THE PRICE :p

I limited the budget only under 2.000.000 IDR. I am really really amateur in sewing, still newbie in this sewing world. So would be wasting if I spend much money only for the best sewing machine who has complete variation of stitches and computerized but I don't know how to use it just because my newbie status (^_^) Would be better for me if I only choose the low-end sewing machine under my budget who match better with my condition...

and of course, there are so many brand of sewing machine in the world. At that time, I am in dilemma period, between SINGER and BROTHER. It is just like dilemma between NIKON and CANON, LOL. 

I love SINGER for the easiness of the after-sales service, we can find the spare part and SINGER service center in here. But don't know why I love BROTHER more than SINGER. Maybe because with the price lower than SINGER, I can get more features in variation if stitches and others thing. Although I realize that to find the BROTHER spare part is not as ease as SINGER. But it's okay lah.. Just follow what my heart says :p

Now, I have been made some project with my white princess and love it more and more. Nothing bad happened so far, hopefully never and never (^_^) 


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